"‘The fishing weekend with Juan was one of the best ever. Helping the kids catch trout and taking us to a pristine place. A wonderful memory! Juan has a phenomenal ability with adults and children alike and I don’t hesitate to recommend him.’ "

Chris Darwin. Professional speaker and Documentary maker

About Us

Fly fishing is not just our business—it’s our life’s passion. We are proud to have developed one of the finest and most advanced schools in the country.

Advanced Fly Fishing School is proud of the fact that we provide outstanding fly fishing tuition. We have worked hard over the years, in locations all over the world, to fine-tune our programs, so that our students can “get what they came for.”

Fly Casting

Introduction to Fly Fishing Course

Anglers just venturing into fly fishing can become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information out there. Our ‘Introduction to Fly Fishing School Course’ condenses the most important skills needed to begin fly fishing. We accommodate fresh and saltwater anglers.


Guided Tours

Our program offers professionally guided services for fly anglers.

Our mission to give you the best experience possible and teach you the skills you need to fish in any type of water.

We operate in a number of rivers in The Blue Mountains and Snowy Mountains.